Welcome to MBHS Painting Services

For years MBHS Painting Services has been serving home owners in the Myrtle Beach area. We have a team that is dedicated to just painting – both interior and exterior. We guarantee all of our work.
Our painting professionals are highly skilled craftsman employed by MBHS Painting (not hired subcontractors) that will be on the job from start to finish.


  • Fully licensed for City, County, & State
  • Carry General Liability and Workman’s Comp Insurance
  • Background Checks are Performed on all Employees
  • 2-year Service Warranty
  • Foul Language and Loud Music is Prohibited


  • Local Regulations are Followed
  • Homeowner is Protected in Case of Accident on the Job
  • Workers can be Trusted to Work in Home
  • Community work is possible through your Support
  • All Warranties are Honored Promptly and Professionally
  • Neighbors and Children are Recognized and Respected

MBHS Painter
Myrtle Beach, SC

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