House painting in Myrtle BeachOne subject that we’ve seen several blog posts, magazine articles or reviews, as well as TV programs talk about these days is the perfect paint colors for your house when you’re preparing to sell.

We’ve tried to stay quiet on this matter for some time now, and even though we love most of the ideas I’ve come across with, it is one specific topic where simplicity is the answer that makes the most sense. Repaint your ceiling with a coat of flat white hue. Also, think of a flat beige and semi-gloss wall if you are considering house painting in Myrtle Beach.

Below are some of the reasons:

  1. Neutral is rarely offensive.

Ask yourself if it is necessary to paint a room with certain shades that you know will clash with the warm colored furniture that most of your potential clients will have. You may love your green dining room but the next person may not have the same taste as you. Avoid restricting your prospective sales to potential buyers whom you share similar preferences with.

  1. Hide Imperfections Using Flat Paint On Walls

Flat colors do not reflect light, which means it will not attract the attention of the onlooker to even the smallest alteration on the surface. Satin and eggshell paints do the opposite, meaning they make imperfections more noticeable. The only possible exceptions to such a rule are the kitchen area and bathroom, where most people may prefer to see some shine to ensure that the surfaces are washable.

  1. Semi-gloss Paint Work Best On Trim and Doors

These spots are mostly at risk of scuffing and filthy handprints, which means they require the added protection offered by glossy paint.

  1. Walls Stand Out If Ceilings and Trim Have The Same Colors

Interior decorators have a tendency to agree or disagree on this matter – a few want to maintain uniformity, while some prefer more creativity and love to blend small quantities of ceiling paint and wall color to soften things up. Doing so has the potential to make your home become more visually pleasing, however, we recommend leaving that call to the individual who will move into the house since it’s taste specific.

  1. It Helps Cut Costs

House painting could be costly, and investing in your old home as you are purchasing another one isn’t fun. Integrating new colors is expensive, as well as adding sheen on your walls or perhaps coming up with customized blends for the ceilings. Extra materials are required for such things and usually take longer to work with. The cost of a single color all throughout your house will be less expensive than making use of custom colors.

Painting is definitely one of the simplest improvements you can make if you want to sell your home faster. Call MBHS Painting Services to make sure that your money and time is spent on a house painting project that would attract home buyers.

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