house paintingChristmas is just around the corner and there are a few DIY jobs that you need to do before the party starts. Are you expecting guests this Christmas? Do you think your house looks boring and old? Maybe it is time for you to get your toolbox and do some DIY before the merriment starts.

House Painting

Why don’t you give your guest room a new coat of paint? However, keep in mind that you need to make the needed prep work and it might even take longer compared to the finishing touches. Take out as much furniture as you can from the room that you will be painting on. Do this before you start the job. You may also place the items at the center of the room so you will have a lot of room to work around on.

Don’t forget to cover the carpet, wardrobe, and all the other remaining furniture in the room using plastic sheeting or dust sheets before you begin the house painting.

You should also fill any noticeable cracks and holes in the wall. You can buy a wide variety of fillers ranging from quick-drying to multipurpose fillers for different kinds of surfaces. Don’t hesitate to check with your local DIY store to find the best option for you.

Use a sponge and warm water to wipe your walls clean. Sand wood as well as the windowsills and boards to make sure that new paint will stick to it. After sanding, vacuum and wipe the wood using a damp cloth. Paints that are water-based work well with walls but you may also consider oil-based options. Always make an informed decision when it comes to a house painting Myrtle Beach job. Seek the assistance of an expert when necessary.

Toilet Seat Replacement

Having a busted toilet seat with guests in the house can be very embarrassing. Avoid this mishap by splashing out a new one. If you do so, the first thing you need to do is measure the size of the toilet set before making a purchase because there is no one size fits all toilet set. To get rid of the old seat, you need to loosen the bolts and unscrew the nuts.

Build Shelves

Why don’t you make a new shelf? We all know that Christmas decorations, trinkets, and candles look good on it. Before you drill into a wall, be sure to check for pipes and cables using an electronic detector. Don’t drill directly below or above a power socket or light fitting because cables are likely to be in those locations. You also need to ensure that the shelf your creating can handle the weight of the things that you plan to put on it. Just keep in mind that if you find that the task is too complicated, you should get the help of professionals.

If you are planning a house painting job, whether it is a minor or major work, you can always count on MBHS Painting Services.

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