Myrtle Beach house paintingOne thing that you need to answer as you go deeper into your home remodeling venture is what is included in a house painting contract? A lot of things can happen between the period when you decide to have your home in Myrtle Beach repainted and when the job is done. Once you have chosen an interior or exterior painting contractor, you must ask them to write a formal agreement or contract, which should include the following:

What Is The Cost Of The House Painting?

Keep in mind that labor is the costliest component of any estimate. A professional painter Myrtle Beach may bill you between $48 and $71 per hour, and this generally comprises 85% of the overall estimate. In case someone presented his service for an estimate that’s less than this, you need to be cautious about his work quality. Meanwhile, estimates that go beyond the indicated high end might mean that you are being taken advantage of.

How Long Will The House Painting Project Take?

How long it will take to repaint your Myrtle Beach home or just a single room is directly linked to the total labor cost. Be sure it is outlined in the contract, along with the conditions if the job is completed earlier than expected. If you wish your house painter to be extremely thorough, you can also ask them to indicate the time they will dedicate to each phase of the painting process. In case the time spent in a certain area is too high, there could be something wrong. That’s why you need to talk to different painting contractors.

Different Types Of House Paint

There were cases of unscrupulous people poured cheap paint into high-priced paint buckets and then overcharged their customers. You should ask your painting contractor to indicate the type of paint products that will be used to do the job. Furthermore, when you specify a certain brand, be sure to include that in the contract along with the specific shade. At first, you might find this silly, but ensuring that everything is in writing will prevent any misunderstanding and avoid needless hurdles to the completion of the house painting job.

Painting Supplies

You can expect the cost paint supplies to range between 15% and 25% of the entire job. In case you want to use premium paint, you will most likely spend around $50 to $100 per gallon. The estimate should include how many gallons are needed and how many coats of paint will be applied. The estimate should also include other supplies that might be needed like scaffolding, brushes, and power washers, based on the extent of the paint job. The list should be itemized so that it is easy to understand and also to account every dollar spent.

Paint Services

Will you be handling the preparation while your painting contractor just handles the paint? Does the job include sanding, pressure washing, and priming before they start painting? You need to make sure that these are clearly outlined in the contract. If they will handle the preparation, the contract should stipulate how they will do it, what will be used, and how long it will take.

Painting Techniques

Determined by whether you want the interior or the exterior of your house painted, how your contractor applies the paint can produce a huge difference. For example, it is best to apply a primer with a brush while some kinds of texture should be applied using a spray gun. The painter that you choose should be skilled in using a spray gun in case you prefer that method because over spraying can result to problems and increase the total costs if more paint is used.

Using Drop Cloths

Your contract must say that the painting contractor will use coverings like drop cloths to make sure that the paint will not spill and get all over your personal belongings. In case the job entails exterior painting, how are they going to protect your shrubs and lawn? What will happen if paint winds up on your windows? Are they going to clean and remove it? You need to stipulate that the painter should return everything to their original position and condition before the painting job began, especially if it involves the landscaping.

Before signing the house painting contract, be sure all these things are present and clearly stipulated. Contact a professional contractor from MBHS Painting Services today for a detailed estimate and get your house painting job started.

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