Interior Painting Myrtle BeachMany homeowners will walk through their home with a notepad and pencil to make a list of repair and improvement items needed before they list the property for sale. Some will work with their real estate agent to compile this list. Whether your home needs a lot of attention or only a few items need to be addressed, it is important to do interior painting for the home you are about to sell. Give the walls of your home a second look. Interior painting is one of the simplest ways to boost your property’s resale value.

The following are reasons as to why you should repaint before selling you home

A Clean, Fresh Look 

You may have heard the benefits whitewashing regarding a fence, but repainting your home’s walls and baseboards can also benefit your home in the same way. Everything from dirty handprints to stains from the dog constantly running up against the same spot on the wall can cause the walls to become discolored. A fresh coat of paint can cover up these spots beautifully and will make your home look cleaner and fresher.

Neutral Goes With Everything 

When you do choose to repaint your home’s walls and baseboards, keep in mind that neutral hues go with everything. Your home may have been decorated using the trendiest color palette, and some buyers may love that. However, most will want to find a home with colors that match their furniture and decorative pieces. When you veer away from neutral colors, you drastically reduce the number of buyers who may be interested in the room. While a potential buyer could repaint the home to suit their interests, most will see that as a detriment to the home. If an offer is made, they may deduct the cost of professionally repainting the entire home from their office or structure the bid with a repair or decorating allowance. Their offer may also reflect the inconvenience associated with having to repaint the home.

No Emotional Ties

Colors tend to create emotions, and some colors can create strong emotions. These emotions can influence the way people perceive the house. A clean, fresh room may look bright and airy. This can make homebuyers feel at ease inside the home, and they are more likely to spend additional time imagining themselves living in it. The greater a home buyer’s interest in the property, the more likely the bid will be close to the asking price.

A Cost-Effective Improvement 

Before you make any renovations to your home when preparing it for sale, it is important to ask yourself if the cost of the improvement will be recouped. More than that, will you get more money out of the improvement than you put into it? If you paint a moderately sized home on your own, you may only pay a few hundred dollars for the cans of paint and various supplies. You may be more if you have the home professionally painted. With both options, however, the increased ability to sell your home quickly and for the top dollar may make this a cost-effective improvement for you.

One of the most common requests that real estate agents make to home sellers is to repaint the home to a neutral hue. Even homes that are already neutral could benefit from the whitewashing effect of a new coat of paint. Consider how making this improvement could increase the value of your home.

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