Myrtle Beach house PainterLet’s face it—we all do a lot of living in our kitchens and our cabinets usually show it after awhile. Sauces and various food items get caked on them over time, along with the kids and all the grime their little hands bring. Since the kitchen cabinets take up such a large area in a room that we spend the most time in, it would be nice to have them looking good all the time. When they get to where simply wiping them off isn’t doing the trick anymore, why not consider painting them? It’s much more cost effective than replacing the cabinets altogether! Not to mention, a much faster solution.

A Few Painting Tips To Get You Started

Decide whether you would like this to be a do-it-yourself job, or whether you want to involve the family in getting it done. Of course, you can always hire a painting professional to come in as well.

Make sure you take the time to clean and sand all the cabinets ahead of time before you do any painting. This will assure that the paint adheres properly and lasts a long time.

Think about color. As long as you choose the color that compliments or coordinates with your walls, that would be good. Paint professionals suggest that it does not need to be the exact same color as the walls! Keep in mind also that some types of woods tend to take certain colors better than others. Just keep in mind that with light colored wood, you can put any color on them. Darker woods will do better with darker colors. If you try to put lighter color over darker wood, you will need to prime that wood carefully so it doesn’t appear gloomy.

Consider the size of your kitchen when choosing a paint color. The general rule is that lighter colors will open up spaces, while darker colors might feel a little more closed in. However, if your space is large, darker colors can be very warm and be inviting.

Invest in good quality paint! Buying cheap paint will not really save you money because it will take more of it to get the same look of one coat of high-quality paint. Learn from the paint experts here and save yourself that headache of repeating the job later because the paint didn’t hold up. There’s no substitute for great paint!

Finally, make any needed repairs to the cabinets before you paint. A new coat of paint can wake up the color and breathe new life into your kitchen! Add some pretty hardware with new knobs and you’ll have a mini-makeover. It’s a very cost-friendly way to get a brand new look that is clean and fresh.

If you have more questions or comments about your kitchen paint, give us a call today and let the pros help you get the job done right!

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