Myrtle Beach House Painter SCSome people think that house painting is just a matter of buying paint, a brush and applying the paint.  If you are one of those people, you’d be wrong.  A good paint job is at least 70% prep work, no matter if you are simply painting a single room or an entire house or office building.  One example of the need for prep work is that of painting a piece of ceramic tile.  If you just put a coat of paint on it, the paint simply won’t stay there because the surface of the tile is so glossy, there’s nothing for the paint to “grip” and hold on to.

Preparing the Surface For Painting

The top coat of paint is to show off that great color you’ve chosen.  The layer underneath is called “primer,” and that is what makes sure your color “sticks” to the surface you are painting, whether it’s a tile, a piece of wood, or a drywall surface in an ordinary room in your house. Once a primer has been applied, almost anything will stay put.  It’s a step you simply can’t skip over and expect good results.

Choosing your color, your finish, and applying a good coat of primer are starters, but it’s only that – the start of the process of a good paint job.  Next, let’s talk about surface preparation.  What kind of surface are you preparing?  If it’s wood, you’ll perhaps need to plane it to even it out, or if it’s a natural surface like knotty pine, you might need to treat the knots to make sure they don’t release resin into your fresh paint.  Nail holes need to be filled, imperfections need to be sandpapered out, and caulking needs to be applied where needed.  If you are painting metal, the most important task is to make sure there is no rust or grease.  Special products are made just for these purposes, so be sure to ask your professional house painter what to use.

Applying the Paint 

Now comes the part most people look forward to – applying fresh paint and seeing the room come alive.  Always plan to use two coats of paint.  One reason is that it will make a more durable paint job, and the second reason is that the second coat will cover anything you missed in the first go-round.  Most colors only get the richness you want with the second coat of paint.  It’s the bare minimum you should anticipate.  Some colors require more than that, so ask your professional painter for guidance.

Another consideration when applying the second coat of paint (or more) is how much drying time is needed in between coats of paint.  You want to make sure the first coat is fairly dry before starting the subsequent coats.  And remember that latex paint dries quickly and oil paint is much slower.  This will help with the planning of your painting project.

Before tackling any painting job yourself, be sure to call your painting professional to make sure you are not wasting your time and money.  A good painter can save you in terms of both time and money.

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