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house paintingMany Myrtle Beach homeowners are considering selling their homes to either take advantage of the great buys on the market or to reduce debt. This means they need to list their home in a market that is overstocked with inventory.  Making a few home improvements may improve the value of your home or at the very least help your home to stand out in the current market.  In some instances you may need to hire a professional to help you with these improvements, however, there are some improvements you can do yourself with a few helpful tips.

Considerations before making improvements

You should determine how long you plan to stay in your home before to decide on the specific renovations you would like to make to your home. If you plan to stay for the immediate future, then you can make a home improvement that suits your taste and living style.  However, if you plan to sell your home within the coming year, you need to make improvements that will interest potential home buyers.

Whether you are doing renovations for yourself or for a potential buyer of your home, make sure you are doing a permanent repair.  Simply taping holes in the walls or pipes is not sufficient.  The tape will tear over time and you will be left with more work to do in the future.  Before painting the walls, fill all the holes and sand down the walls to make sure they are smooth to the touch.

Painting brings the highest return on your investment

If you are painting for resale, you should stick with a neutral color.  This will give the room a feeling of openness and a potential buyer can picture the room in colors that appeal to their tastes. Top off the room and a unifying effect by painting the trim the same color as the walls.  This will add visual continuity as a potential buyer moves from room to room. It will also help tie the décor together throughout the home.

Always paint the trim last.  If you are replacing the moldings, they can be painted before you put them back on the wall with a finish nail to avoid putting holes in the molding.  If you are leaving the molding on during the house painting project, you will want to make sure you tape them before you paint the walls if you plan to use a different color for the molding.

Now that you have fresh walls, resist the temptation to add decorative paintings or family photos to the walls.  Remove as many personal items from the rooms as possible as well as any unneeded furniture.  The more open the rooms the more appealing the home is to a potential buyer.

Of course, not everyone is attempting to sell their home. You may want to make some improvements and spruce up your home for summer entertaining. In that case, be creative with your colors. Add a contrasting color to the trim to really bring pizzazz to a room.

Not everyone is good at painting or likes all the detail that painting your home involves.  If that is your case, you will want to call a good handyman or a house painting professional to help you with your Myrtle Beach house painting needs.

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