house paintingHouse Painting is one of the top choices of homeowners when it comes to increasing the appeal of their homes as well as in changing the way a room looks and feels. What makes it a cost-effective option is that it can be easily done by homeowners even those with minimal experience and tools.

If you are planning to repaint your house, you will find the following tips from MBHS Painting Services helpful.

House Painting Tips From The Professionals

Use tape over the carpet and your baseboard – To effectively paint your baseboards, put tape over your carpet and baseboard. Make sure the tape will cover only 1/4 of the baseboard. To ensure that the tape will hold the carpet down, press down on the carpet when applying the tape. You can add another strip of tape to cover a wider area of the carpet.

It is important for the carpet fibers to remain low while applying paint on the baseboard. This way, when you remove the tape over the carpet, it will rise up to its normal level and over the unpainted part of the baseboard. Thus, you no longer have to remove your carpet to paint the entire baseboard.

Use narrow drop cloths when painting walls and trims – Many professional house painters and local handymen agree that narrow drop cloths are easier and safer to work with when re-painting walls and trims. Keep in mind that you do not have to cover the entire floor, only the portions that are near and touch the wall and trims. Thus, if you are using large drop cloths, you will need to fold the cloth several times to cover the flooring. And this puts you at risk of falling. If you do not have narrow drop cloths, you can also use drop cloth runners.

Re-use old paintbrush – Before throwing your worn out paintbrushes, consider reusing them as cleaning brushes. Old and cleaned paintbrushes work great in cleaning window trims and door frames. Note that you need to ensure they are free of any dust and debris before applying a fresh coat of paint.

Make sure your masking tape is securely bonded to the trim – When painting your windows, many homeowners will apply masking tape to the trim to prevent any unnecessary splashes of paint to the trim. On the other hand, paint can still sometimes seep through the tape and stain on the trim. What you should do is use your putty knife or a 5-in-1 tool and run it through the trim to set the tape and make sure it is securely bonded to the trim.

Cover windows and doors completely – The masking tape will only protect the trim and the outside edge of your windows. If you are re-painting your ceiling, Myrtle Beach painter and many industry experts highly recommend covering your doors and windows completely. This will prevent any unnecessary paint stains on your doors and windows.

Use a knife to cut the paint before removing the masking tape – Removing the masking tape is sometimes tricky. Pulling it off too early or too late may result in ruining your paint job. To prevent this from happening, however, a great tip is to use a knife and run it through the edge of the masking tape, which will effectively cut the paint that has dried on the wall and on the tape. Thus, there will be no paint that will come off when you remove the tape.

To know more about house painting tips, you can always call MBHS Painting Services.

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