exterior painting Myrtle BeachSelecting new exterior paint colors is one of the many things that homeowners are usually scared of doing. Professional painters usually observe that homeowners buy several cans of paint to use as samples and then splash the colors on the trim and siding. It would seem that they become more confused as they test more shades. So how will you select the best colors? Below are six steps to assist you in choosing the perfect shade for your home exterior painting project.

  1. Pay Attention To The Look and Feel Of The Whole Neighborhood

Whatever you do on your home must be in line with other houses within your community. Regardless of how breathtaking your home looks if it does not match the overall appeal of the neighborhood that it might look awkward. But, if you’re not in a controlled location, then you will definitely have more freedom to do as you please and that includes choosing your preferred exterior paint

  1. Know What Palettes Work Best By Using Color Charts

There are some questions that you need to ask yourself: Do you prefer warm or cool shades? Will you go for browns or grays? Do the shades match up with the brick or do they look flat? What are the accent colors that you can get from the brick? Always keep in mind — the current shades of your house in the constant components determine the right paint color selections. You need to make sure that go for shades that complement to those elements.

  1. Notice The Details In The Exterior Of Your Home

Go out and stand in front of your home so you can get a good read on your property. Be sure to pay close attention to the mortar, brick, roof and stone colors. This is where the plan is tested out in public. The shades you pick out for your home are influenced by the colors that are currently there in the form of “unchanging elements.” Lots of people forget about this important aspect. Don’t ever commit the error of looking at a home across the road that’s painted in hues you believe look great and attempt to apply them to your house. They won’t look that way except if the roof, stone, brick, and mortar colors are identical on those two homes, which isn’t usually the case.

  1. Respect Your Home’s Architectural Design

In case you have a Victorian designed home, it is best to use strong colors on the trim and other details. If you have a contemporary home design, you may select gray or white palette and choose bright orange for your front door. If your home has a traditional style, you have to be more subtle with your color choices.

  1. Purchase Sample Cans Of Paint After Narrowing Down Choices

Obviously, in case you hired a professional color specialist, you may bypass this stage, because he or she has a wide selection of sample sheets of colors that you can choose from. Paint a sizable spot with both body and trim hues so you can have a good feel for how the shades look when there’s light. In case they become pink, then you should go back to the drawing board.

  1. Work With A Color Expert If You’re Already Stressed Out With The Task

Do not hesitate to work with a color consultant and a Myrtle Beach painter when it comes to choosing the right warm hues for the body including the sides and the back, which would be in support of the home’s brick and mortar and to take out the deep rich shades of the brick and use it as an accent color. You’ll have higher chances of being satisfied with the results. When you miss the object on your home’s interior, only a few people will see it and, usually, it is going to be a simple fix. However, if you miss the mark on your home’s exterior, it will be a costly mistake, which would be noticed by all those who drive by your house. Don’t be scared to seek professional help. It could mean the difference a successful and a failed exterior home painting project.

Call MBHS Painting Services and let our professional painters take care of your exterior painting project. We’ll make sure that it looks good, mirrors your personality, matches your home’s architectural design, and meets your preferences.

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