Myrtle Beach professional painterHave you seen a wall paint peeling off? The curling, blistering old paint, the unpleasant tangle of cracks, the flakes scattered on the floor – it is not a pretty sight, without a doubt. If you are currently having problems with peeling paint on your walls, then you understand exactly what I’m referring to. You can get in touch with a Myrtle Beach professional painter if you wish – painting is much more cumbersome than it actually looks. Or you could also save a good amount of cash and commit a couple of hours performing the task yourself. I will not lie, however, – painting can be challenging. But it is also amazingly satisfying and well worth your time and effort.

The Causes Of Peeling Paint

For you to fix the wall properly, it contributes greatly to understand the reasons behind peeling paint, to begin with. There are a number of causes. For example, when the wall was not correctly cleaned out prior to the application of the paint, and if they did not use or the incorrect type of primer was used. But the most common cause of peeling paint is moisture. (This most likely is not that shocking for you – it appears like the main cause of most household problems is moisture.) It does not necessarily indicate that your home has a leaking roof or that you have problems with your plumbing system – excessive humidity may also be to blame. In case you have a plumbing problem or your roof has leaks, you should prioritize them and have them repaired immediately…absolutely nothing is as disastrous to your wallet and home as extensive water damage.

Tips on how to repair the wall

It is now time for you to get moving! Without becoming overly technical, here are the things you have to do:

Room Preparation. You have to prepare the room where you will be working on. Protect your floor by spreading paper, cloth, or tarp over it. Put some masking tape on the door and window frames as well as on the baseboard at the bottom of the wall. Doing so will protect these spots from any wayward paint and dirt.

Get rid of old paint. Remove as much of the peeling old paint using a wire brush or a paint scraper.

Check the wall for chips or openings. In case you find any, use a putty knife, which resembles a paint scraper, except that it has a pointed edge like a knife, to fill it with a patching compound.

Smoothen the entire wall. You can do this by using a sand paper. Once done, clean up the wall surface using a wet tack cloth or sponge. Leave it to dry totally before proceeding to the next phase.

Primer. You now have to apply primer, which is very important. It helps the paint stick to the wall better. It also helps the paint last longer. The primer can also protect the wall against any moisture problems in the future. For tight spots like the corners and near the door and window frames, be sure to use a paint brush. Meanwhile, using a paint roller for the rest of the wall will suffice. Hold off until the primer has completely dried off – you should find information as to how long it will take on the can’s label.

Paint The Wall. Now, you can finally paint the wall. You can use the same method when you applied the primer on the wall. Once the paint has dried up, you need to put on a second coat. Most professional painters in Myrtle Beach will say that it is not needed. However, applying the second coat will make the paint last longer and it will also make your wall look a lot better. Take off the masking tape once everything has completely dried.

Last but not the least, go get some rest. You definitely earned it!


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